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MATSON AE-1000E 10 Amp Smart Lithium Charger

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The SS-AE1000E by MATSON is multi purpose multi amp-age Battery Charger.

⦁    IP65 water-proof and dust-proof protection
⦁    Power supply mode (10Amp at 13.6VDC)
⦁    Large, easy to read and informative LED display
⦁    Chemistry selection to suit most battery types
⦁    Multi-stage charging (9 stage for lead acid and 6 stage for lithium)
⦁    Microprocessor controlled smart pulse technology for accuracy and efficiency.
⦁    Battery maintenance (trickle charging) and repair capabilities
⦁    Full safety protections, including spark free clamps
⦁    Automatic temperature compensation for charging in hot or cold environments 
⦁    Fused hard wiring harness included