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Meguiar's PRO-15Plus Paint Correction Kit Including the PRO-15 DA Polisher

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Meguiar's PRO-15Plus Paint Correction Kit Including the PRO-15 DA Polisher


  • Eliminates scratches, swirls, buff trails and oxidation
  • Professional level results
  • Fast & safe
  • BONUS Premium carry bag

  • Meguiar’s DA Microfibre Correction System Kit is the safest and most effective way to correct annoying paint defects such as; scratches, buff trails, heavy swirls, stubborn stains and severe oxidation. The DA Microfibre Correction System was born from Meguiar’s decades of experience working with professional detailers and car manufacturers.

    The kit incorporates; professional-grade, dual-action polishing machine, the right Meguiar’s buffing discs and the right Meguiar’s chemistry – all in a premium quality carry bag. The kit will enable pro detailers, hobby detailers and serious enthusiasts to achieve better results than ever before.

    The generous 15mm throw on the 5-inch AutoCosmetica DA Polisher, delivers fast, effective results.

    The advanced chemistry of Meguiar’s D300 Correction Compound combines with Meguiar’s DMC5 Microfibre Cutting Disc to deliver maximum defect removal. Follow with the equally-advanced Meguiar’s D301 Finishing Wax on a DMF5 Finishing Disc for that spectacular, show-winning shine Meguiar’s is world famous for. Having all this in a convenient carry bag, will make paint correction and detailing far simpler than ever before.

    to recap in the kit you get,

    The PRO-15 Polisher, A bottle of correction compound and wax. 2 of Microfibre style cutting pads and 2 of Microfibre style Poishing pads, and the free carry bag.